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Welcome to Words On Us, a place for book lovers and home scholars of every sort. This site is dedicated to noble and timeless ideas: that making people laugh can be the first step toward making them think, that great writing is among the greatest pleasures on earth, that learning is a lifelong process not to be defined by the calendar or confined to the schoolroom, that a truly great batch of brownies can change the world. Come on in and take a look around.

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The Latest Words

Here are the answers we received about what you say when someone asks why you homeschool.
Also, there's a new question of the day (see the box below).

For the Demon Readers: Antigone

Get into the Halloween spirit with October Reading, Redux

We have your answers to the question about "The Road Not Taken," as well as Robert Frost's own answer.

Two more Questions of the Day: What do you think "yellow wood" means in Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"? and How do you feel about Pluto's demotion?

We want your words!What has being a homeschooler taught you that you never would have learned otherwise?

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